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  • Short bites of information: Sections are 3 pages or less and can stand alone--be read independently.
  • It translates psychological research into stories that evoke awe, delight and finally generate new skills.

  • Because the traps are universal, you can apply what you learn at work, school and at home.

  • Instead of reading about philosophy and intentions, you will read about science and practical awareness.

  • The Ethical Executive offers a clear, well-structured, taxonomy of causes (i.e., traps).

  • The book uses examples from the business world that apply to everyone.

  • In the last section, we describe two intriguing, real-life stories, and identify the traps in each: The Parable of the Sadhu and Jonestown.

  • Becoming aware of the traps will help you stay away from corruption.


Available from Stanford University Press' website or call 1-800-621-2736